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Elvy Soap Co. all started as a hobby/interest.  My children, family members, and myself all suffer from the constant itch of eczema and I was tired of constantly using over the counter steroid creams. Interested in natural products and the old school benefits they have, I started concentrating on carrier oils and essential oils that help eczema.  While testing soap on my family members & myself, I was able to find a soap great for dry, itchy, sensitive skin, as well as natural soap that helps moisturize and leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean.  


All Elvy Soap Co. soap is made in small batches with only natural ingredients. No fragrance oils here. Choose from a variety of soaps that are Biodegradable, Palm Oil Free, Paraben Free, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) & Phthalate Free, and Vegan. Great for the whole family.  


Free Shipping on Orders $150+ (custom orders not included)


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